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Why Pray?

Why are prayer and meditation such crucial practices in the life of a Christ follower?


The act of prayer and meditation, when performed in unison, serve as integral components that intertwine to form a way of life within the community of believers. Through these shared practices, we are collectively shaped and guided into embodying the teachings and virtues of Christ. It is important to recognize that these practices extend beyond mere feelings, emotions, or compassionate thoughts; they represent a deliberate and purposeful engagement with our faith.


In the middle of the first century, those who followed the teachings of Jesus were referred to as "people of the way," reflecting their commitment to embodying the principles and way of life espoused by Jesus. These practices entwine our lives together, shaping our shared habits, mindsets, and behaviors to guide us towards a common direction and a particular way of life. Ultimately, these practices serve to unify us as a community.


Our perspective has undergone a significant shift. Rather than being driven by the urge to "fix the church," we have redirected our focus towards understanding ourselves as the primary drivers of change, acknowledging God as the central force. We are now open to being molded by the teachings of Jesus, gaining insight into our local communities and relationships, and aligning ourselves with the ongoing work of God that lies ahead. Particularly as we learn how to think and behave as Jesus in a polarised nation.


The process of reimagining the nature of the church involves a departure from traditional approaches. Instead of immediately addressing issues within the church, our focus will be on fostering connections within our community. By collectively engaging in introspection and discussion, we aim to identify the most suitable shapes, forms, and structures that the church should embody to better serve friends, neighbors, and co-workers.


Let's ponder this meaningful question together: "Where have you witnessed the presence of God at work this week?" The use of "where might" communicates a sense of exploration and openness to the divine.


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