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Finding Strength in Faith, Wisdom, and Self-Control

As a pastor, I have witnessed the struggles and hardships that people face in their lives. Life can often throw curveballs our way, and it is in those moments that we truly see how difficult life can be. However, in the book of James, we find encouragement to face these challenges with strength and perseverance. James encourages us to meet these problems with faith, wisdom, and self-control. But the question remains, where do we find the strength and resources to do so?

1. Faith:

Faith is a powerful source of strength during challenging times. It allows us to trust Jesus and believe that God is shaping and forming us for life. We can lean on Jesus to find comfort, guidance, and hope. Through prayer, scripture, and journeying with other beleivers, we can strengthen our faith and receive the strength we need to face life's difficulties.

2. Wisdom:

Wisdom is another crucial element in navigating the storms of life. It enables us to make sound decisions, discern the best path forward, and find solutions to our problems. In the face of adversity, wisdom helps us see the bigger picture and gives us confidence to keep walking. Acquiring wisdom requires humility, open-mindedness, and a willingness to learn from both our own experiences and the council of trusted friends. The wisdom we need is found in reading the scriptures, and making a journal of what we discover.

3. Self-Control:

Cultivating self-control requires discipline, patience, and self-awareness. By practicing mindfulness, prayer, and sometimes counselling, we can strengthen our self-control. When life gets difficult and unpredictable, like it usually does self-control allows us to respond from a place of clarity and strength.


1. Community: Surround yourself with a supportive network of friends, family, and fellow believers. Sharing your struggles and burdens with trusted individuals can provide emotional support and help lighten the load. (James 5:16; Matthew 7:7-11)

2. Bible Study and Prayer: Start a Bible reading and prayer routine that will immerse yourself into the words of God. Practice prayer by listening and applying what you have read in the scripture. (Joshua 1:8, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17)


Life is difficult, and we all face trials and endure suffering. James reminds us that while some may become bitter and broken, others can grow wise and tender through these experiences. To find strength in the face of adversity, we must embrace faith, seek wisdom, and practice self-control. By doing so, we tap into the wellspring of God’s resources that allow us to endure and thrive amidst life's trials. God is faithful and will see you through. You can trust him.


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