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Who We Are?

As we inhabit a very different world that has experienced an upheaval politically, socially, economically, and spiritually, All Saints Church will need to not only respond to these new realities, but build a structure that will endure and continue the work of the Holy Spirit that began here 20 years ago. We have come to embrace the disruption the pandemic has caused, and realize we have experienced loss in so many ways. We are renewed in our understanding of how this disruption has created an unraveling that is both unnerving and exciting and for the potential that change offers.


Our goal isn’t to get back to how things were. Rather, we are committed to adapt, and experiment with ideas, methods, and innovations that will carry us into a new reality. Our mission remains the same, to journey with our neighbors through honest engagement, vulnerability, and discipleship that leads to a transformational relationship with Jesus Christ, we desire to make disciples by equipping and walking with people to follow Jesus. 


Setting the stage for the future will require change, patience, and a new focus on discipleship. We see All Saints being in many homes, locally, regionally, and nationally. We desire to see any place where people meet be places of learning, equipping, and engaging our doubts. Furthermore, we want to change the culture from attending to sending, from passivity to purpose, from one to many. 


We understand that to change the culture we will need prayer, strategy, and conversations that will guide and direct our path for the next generation of All Saints Church. 

Theological Statement



We believe in the one true God, eternally existent in three persons, creator of heaven and earth. We believe in the one Lord Jesus, begotten Son of God: fully God and fully man. We believe in one Holy Spirit, sent by Father and Son, who leads and empowers our life of faith.



We believe the Bible is the authoritative and trustworthy Word of God in all matters of life, faith and conduct.



We believe that because of humanity’s rebellion against God [sin], we are separated from Him.



We believe that Jesus suffered, was crucified, died, was buried and rose again. He then ascended to the Father’s right hand where he now reigns as Saviour of the world. Through his atoning sacrifice, humanity can now be reconciled to God.



We believe humanity is justified by faith in Jesus as Saviour and Lord.



God created people in His image. Through His love, God invites us to share in His eternal life, worship Him and care His creation.



We believe in the Church, the priesthood of all believers, the unity of all followers of Jesus empowered by the Holy Spirit. As the people of God, we are called to reflect God’s character to the world, through the proclamation of the Gospel, formation of disciples, caring for the marginalised and continual worship of God.

our Pastor:
Bill Berger

Pastor and Teacher

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