First Sunday in October!

Did you see that beautifully painted auditorium?! Gorgeous. Thank you so much to Lindsey Barnes for all of her hard work in making our space look the way it feels.

Also, a big thank you to Andi Saccoccio for the Table Talk discussion this past Sunday, entitled "Loving Difference." We are always so honored to have her at All Saints. If you haven't had a chance to hear the podcast, please click here to make sure you take a listen.

This coming Sunday marks the first Sunday of October! We will be embarking on a new series under the umbrella All Saints United to the Core: Being Real in an Artificial World. Please join us at 10am for Bill's message about "God's Family," and for a special announcement from Connie Peterson about Pastor Appreciation Month and a message from Giuli Lewis about kids and neighborhood togetherness (see below for more about the upcoming November event).

You won't want to miss it! Lots of fun goings on. Be there...

being real 600.png

A special message from Giuli, our Kids Coordinator:
"As a part of our current series, Meet The Neighbors, we are trying something new. Over the weekend of Nov. 2-3rd we are asking our All Saints community to invite their neighbor(s) over. It could be for a meal, for a drink, or even for a game night. All we ask is that you reach out and swing your doors open. We would love to know if you are 'in' to host and plan your event. Even more so, we would love reports on how it went and who you met in your neighborhood.

Back in December of 2017, I slipped a simple half-sheet invite into each neighbor's mailbox one week ahead, inviting our neighbors over for an afternoon glass of wine and snacks. We were thrilled when 8/10 houses were able to attend. We enjoyed it so much it has since become a new tradition that we all look forward to. Not only was the night a success, but our street is a friendlier place because of our connections. Please email me to confirm if you are willing to be a part. I can’t wait to hear from you, and hear your stories! -Giuli"

Email Giuli to let her know you are IN for our Neighbor's Weekend at

A quick announcement: calling all students! Are you an SPU student who would appreciate a ride to and from All Saints? Or, would you like to provide a ride? Email and we'll hook you up!