Practicing Presence (Yoga)

 Holistic practices for women who wish to nurture a healthy mind, body, and soul.  Includes easy healthy meal planning, prayers & meditations, yoga, exercise, journaling, honest table talk within a safe, accepting community.
Queen Anne | Sue Berger | Wednesdays (Weekly) | 7-830pm | Contact:

ADD/ADHD Support Forum

If you have ADD/ADHD and need support and tools to manage, join our group. As a person with ADHD I have found talking with others helps me cope and provide skills. ADD/ADHD has affected me on many levels. Sometimes it is frustrating in how it shows up in dealing with others, my work, my home. The blessings have been wonderful with many accomplishments and seeing my potential. It is great to find balance between the two. We will go through Lynn Weiss’ great book on ADD in Adults. The book is mandatory. We can also discuss other book options.
Cost: $15 book
Queen Anne | Jim Lynch | Wednesdays | 7-8:30 pm (weekly) | Contact:

Message Recap Groups Groups

These groups are for those interested in getting to know others outside our Sunday gather taking a deeper look at the Sunday Message. Between October and December, we will meet six times to discuss how each message applies to our daily lives.

  • Magnolia | Darrell & Deanna Turner | Thursdays | 7 - 830pm | Contact:

  • Ballard| Facilitator: Zach Jacobsen Hosts: Jimmy & Rachel Nichols | Wednesdays | 7-8:30pm Contact:

  • Belltown | Facilitators: Mark & Debbie Jacobson Hosts: Thor & Shelly Tolo| Thursdays | 7-8:30pm | Contact:

Tangible Kingdom

We all know that developing genuine community and serving others is central to following Jesus, but how do we actually do those things in our busy lives? This group will explore the why and how of building community and serving our neighbors, using a workbook called The Tangible Kingdom. Join us!
Cost: $15 materials fee
Queen Anne | Facilitator: Joe Macias Hosts: David & Giuli Lewis | Day: Sundays | Time 1130-1pm  Contact:

Morning Women's Bible Study Group

None Like Him by Jen Wilkin is about knowing our limitations as humans and knowing God has none. We are all overwhelmed at some point in our lives; let's learn how to let God be in control.
Cost: $20 Materials fee Complimentary Childcare provided
Queen Anne | Dana VanDalfsen & Giuli Lewis | Wednesdays (Weekly) | 9:30-11:15am | Contact:

A Gathering Of Men

Join us weekly, as we study the book, “King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover, by Moore and Gillette.  This group is designed for any man looking to dig deep and discover God’s design for masculinity.
Queen Anne | Mike Alfstad | Mondays (Bi-weekly) | 7-830pm | Contact:

Men’s Message Recap Group

We will meet to study the Bible and topics that parallel the weekly message series. We will spend time praying and provide mutual support for one another.
Queen Anne | Wayne Wagler | Saturdays (Bi-weekly) | 930-11am | Contact: